Peter T. Cacioppo

Financial Advisor

We offer an easy to administer Solo 401(k) retirement plan that combines a normal 401(k) with a profit sharing plan and thus allows you to defer a large % of profits. Video show 2013 numbers; 2014 is similar

Successful clients do this.

Successful clients do certain things.
1. Pay themselves 20% of their Gross Salary every month by automatic programs through their 401(k) or IRA plans, and automatic credits to a brokerage account.
2. Borrow money only to buy a home.
3. Set aside money monthly to accumulate dollars to be used when cars should be replaced.
4. Pay all credit card bills in full every month.
5. Revise their Net Worth statement twice a year, so as to ascertain progress and boost incentives.
6. Fund generous college saving programs.
7. Learn how to enjoy life monthly with what dollars are left to spend.
8. Exercise and eat sparingly.
9. Shop wisely including appropriate negotiating.
10.  They organize paperwork including recommended legal documents.
11.  Never pay taxes today that can be deferred as laws and circumstances can change in the years ahead to reduce or eliminate the taxes.

Marcus Aurelius

—Begin - to begin is half the work, let half still remain; again begin this, and thou wilt have finished.

Marcus Aurelius

Tourists are back in force!

Took our German shepherd dog Key-Key for a walk and observed the tourists are back in force as the Spring weather is now here,  Chatted with a young couple from France where the wife said she grew up with two GSDs.

Bought a new house!

We bought a different home in the village and are liking it a lot.  We had sold our first home here to a couple from Sweden.

Webcam video from June 14, 2013 10:26 AM (by Peter Cacioppo)

Here is a video  I made on the Fidelity Self-Employed retirement plan we offer at Eagle Hill Wealth Management to our clients. Please call me at 925-360-5570 for more information.

La Jolla, CA tourists

Took one of our German Shepherd dogs for a long walk this evening and our little town of La Jolla is starting to get active for the Spring and Summer with tourists walking the street talking in languages from all over the world. Funny how we all go to France and Italy and they come here!

Garden Tour

Rhonda and I volunteered to help out at the “Secret Garden Tour of La Jolla” on Saturday May 18, 2013 for a 2 hour stint at one of the 7 homes on the tour.  We were able to then visit the other homes on the tour and saw some great gardens, some which were on 3 acres, which is large for La Jolla.  Saw no avocados so that explains why there are none on my neighbor’s tree-not hot enough here along the coast.  Will look forward to avocados from our friends that live inland!