Peter T. Cacioppo

Financial Advisor

Identity Theft

Identity Theft has turned out to be a very serious problem.  There are many fake emails out there.  
Many now claim they are from UPS, FED EX or USPS and could not deliver a package.  Never click on these emails or any other possibly fake emails.
Another thing to not participate in is the spam emails you receive on your home computer of the nature that it sounds like a bank or credit union is wanting you to click back to their site; all of these are fakes when it is an institution that you have never done business with; do not respond as they may be able to gather information that will be a form of Identity Theft.  Even if you are doing business with them, they are generally fake emails and should be ignored/deleted.  For instance, if the email says your bank account has been compromised or put on a hold, these are emails that should not be clicked on.  The only safe way is to go to the financial institution’s normal web site directly, or call them directly on the phone.  
Of course, all those emails that say they want to share some money with you if you will just participate are all frauds also. Even emails you receive from friends that contain unknown web sites that someone wants you to click on should be avoided.  Also, what has been happening is that fraudsters are getting control of email addresses and sending fake emails making believe the emails are being sent by your friends and asking for money to be wired immediately, for say an emergency during a European vacation.  These type emails are getting very sophisticated so please be very careful.
If you ever have a question on these situations please do not hesitate to call me to discuss before you do anything.  I am recommending that clients try and check their bank and brokerage accounts daily for fraudulent activity.  This can be done by just looking at one aggregation account, such as Fidelity’s Full View, which includes your bank accounts, or, for instance, various large banks’ similar aggregation accounts, which includes the Fidelity accounts. 

For a couple named X and Y:  Please check your credit reports with the 3 credit reporting agencies, switching annually.   I believe that checking your credit reports often is a very good way to catch something that may have happened already.  The three major credit reporting companies have created the “Annual Credit Report” site (wwwho for you to get the free annual credit reports required under federal law.   This site will allow you to pick which company to order the report from on your home computer.  By using the following schedule, you will be able to maximize the review.  Every March 30, X should request his from Experian and Y should request hers from Equifax.  Every July 30, X should request his from Equifax and Y should request hers from Transunion.  Every November 30th, X should request his from Transunion and Y should request hers from Experian.  As you can see this gives you each your one free report from each company each year but allows you to check up a number of times a year, as they all have similar input from credit sources. 

We offer an easy to administer Solo 401(k) retirement plan that combines a normal 401(k) with a profit sharing plan and thus allows you to defer a large % of profits. Video show 2013 numbers; 2014 is similar

Successful clients do this.

Successful clients do certain things.
1. Pay themselves 20% of their Gross Salary every month by automatic programs through their 401(k) or IRA plans, and automatic credits to a brokerage account.
2. Borrow money only to buy a home.
3. Set aside money monthly to accumulate dollars to be used when cars should be replaced.
4. Pay all credit card bills in full every month.
5. Revise their Net Worth statement twice a year, so as to ascertain progress and boost incentives.
6. Fund generous college saving programs.
7. Learn how to enjoy life monthly with what dollars are left to spend.
8. Exercise and eat sparingly.
9. Shop wisely including appropriate negotiating.
10.  They organize paperwork including recommended legal documents.
11.  Never pay taxes today that can be deferred as laws and circumstances can change in the years ahead to reduce or eliminate the taxes.

Marcus Aurelius

—Begin - to begin is half the work, let half still remain; again begin this, and thou wilt have finished.

Marcus Aurelius

Tourists are back in force!

Took our German shepherd dog Key-Key for a walk and observed the tourists are back in force as the Spring weather is now here,  Chatted with a young couple from France where the wife said she grew up with two GSDs.

Bought a new house!

We bought a different home in the village and are liking it a lot.  We had sold our first home here to a couple from Sweden.

Webcam video from June 14, 2013 10:26 AM (by Peter Cacioppo)

Here is a video  I made on the Fidelity Self-Employed retirement plan we offer at Eagle Hill Wealth Management to our clients. Please call me at 925-360-5570 for more information.

La Jolla, CA tourists

Took one of our German Shepherd dogs for a long walk this evening and our little town of La Jolla is starting to get active for the Spring and Summer with tourists walking the street talking in languages from all over the world. Funny how we all go to France and Italy and they come here!